Hi everyone. How have you all been? Sorry I have been MIA lately, some personal stuff and things just got in the way. But, anyway I just wanna share something new with me. Well, not so new. It happened about a week ago I guess.

So, finally, after months and months of deliberation. I got the courage to just go ahead and get a pixie cut. I haven’t had a proper haircut probably for about two years. And my hair got really long. I got tired of it and just wanted a fresh look. And no I did not go through a break up whatsoever. LOL. XD . I remember I went into the salon and showed them a picture of Michelle William’s pixie hair for the inspiration. And they were all shocked and assumed that I’m “going through something” .  HA HA! Why do people always think like that? (meh) :-/

Anyway, I’m writing about this not just to “show off” my new look. But the most important part about this. Is that I have been wanting to cut my hair since last year to donate it. But, It was not long enough. So, I decided to wait and finally this year it was long enough to be donated. I think this is a simple way to help others. They can make wigs with your hair and give it to cancer patients. A simple gesture can make a great impact on someone else’s life. So, I encourage all of you to go ahead and try out a different look. Do not be afraid to make a change and do something nice for others as well. 🙂

Here is my before and after photos:


What do you guys think? Hope you liked the new look. I personally love it. Very manageable and no fuss at all. Thanks for hopping by my site and see you all again on my next post. XO ❤

If you are interested to donate your hair ask your local salon if they are affiliated with any charity. Mine happened to be one. So I just donated it directly. You can also donate your hair in some of these places depending where you live. (*Disclaimer- I’m not connected with any of these organizations I just researched about them and put them on the list so that people will have an idea where they can donate their hair).

  1. https://www.cutsagainstcancer.org/
  2. http://www.locksoflove.org/get-involved/
  3. http://www.littleprincesses.org.uk/donate-hair/
  4. http://www.aaaf.org.au/‎

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