My Thoughts on Poetry and Art

I was on google looking for an image to interpret the things inside my head. And then I found this painting called Eyes Wide Shut by an artist named Alexandra Louie. The painting was the perfect definition of what I was thinking at that exact moment. The image of a woman covering her eyes with a red cloth.

This is just my own interpretation of the painting. For me the significance of the red cloth is the fraudulent happiness that we as a person becomes blinded by the temporary ecstasy of love, beauty, money, material things, etc… We only choose to see the good and just settle instead of thinking things  through and aiming for something better. We don’t even think about the altercations and the effects it may have against us or the people around us because of our selfishness. We have to free ourselves from the red cloth of deceptive happiness. And instead use our naked eyes to see the truth and get to know yourself better, be authentic and love oneself first. Then. peace, contentment and genuine glee will follow through.

It was a very captivating piece that it inspired me to write a short poetry. I also got the permission of Alexandra to post her work here on my blog. She is such an awesome artist. I will put all her links down below if you want to check her other art works.


Here is the short poetry I wrote inspired by the painting.


Red flags are waving right in front of you to take you away from the imminent abyss.

Yet, you choose to be blinded by the illusions of bliss.

Underneath it all are shams, deceptions and manipulation of the innocent who is willing to jump into an inevitable pitfall.

Open your eyes with your head and not your heart for in the end what lies beneath may drown you in tears.


Hope you liked the short poetry I wrote. And check out Alexandra’s art works on her website.  Follow her on Instagram @alexandra.louie.

Thanks for hopping by and see you all again on my next post. XO


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