Minimalist Monday

I have always been a fan of anything classic, casual… Something that is timeless. Then came along what they call the minimalist design. I saw some houses and interior designs with a minimalist look. And it’s so beautiful. Simple yet elegant. And of course, Β like anything. Later on it has been applied in fashion as well. And it did not disappoint me. πŸ™‚

Just like its interior and architectural counterpart, the minimalist fashion shows a classy and nothing fussy style. The pieces stand out by themselves without much bold colors and patterns. Usually plain or yet a subtle pattern incorporated with each look to break or tie up each color theme. Which is usually black or white. What I love most about the look is its relaxed and comfortable. Without looking “lousy” or most of all trashy. LOL. πŸ˜€

Here is my own version of a minimalist look. Hope you like it. X ❀






What I’m wearing:

Boat-neck top from H&M -

Black and White checkered coluttes -$4 (From a flea market)


Flats- $3 (Also from a flea market)


Thanks for hopping by my site and see you all again on my next post. X


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